Spanish airline Volotea will retire all of theirs 712s by 2022

EC-LPM was the first 712 painted with the Volotea livery.

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We know that Volotea, this Spanish low cost airline is now the only European operator of the 717.
But in 2022, it will be a dream, why? Because the airline will retire all of them by 2022.
These aircraft will be replaced by the A319s.
The airline operates in total of 14 Boeing 717 in 2020 (they had 19 in total), so in this moment, 5 of them has been retired.
The 717s seat up to 125 passengers, while the A319s are configured for 144-156 passengers, which is one of the good reasons for Volotea to replace the 717s by the A319s.


While it is sad to see old aircraft go, I was never a big fan of this bird


Rest in peace

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Good bye small mad dog.

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