Spanish Air Force F-18 crashes near Torrejón Air Base

Just over an hour ago, a Spanish Air Force McDonnell Douglas EF-18AM Hornet of Ala 12 crashed near to Torrejón Air Base, just outside of Madrid. Unfortunately, the pilot has died. Reportedly, the crash occurred as the aircraft was making a takeoff manoeuvre

The tragic accident comes 5 days after a Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon crashed at Albacete Air Base, also killing the pilot, Captain Borja Aybar of Ala 14.

Torrejon Air Base released a short statement on Twitter: May the Virgin of Loreto accompany you to Heaven.

I will add more to this thread as new information is released, at the moment there is not much to go on.


Now that makes you wonder… Are there aircraft in bad shape???

Thanks for this! :)

Analysts of the Eurofighter crash say it was likely caused by a technical fault. Maybe there is some negligence of aircraft maintenance going on…

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I was just controlling at LEMD… this is so sad.

They have just named the pilot. 26-year-old Lieutenant Fernando Pérez Serrano.

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