Spamming violation for seeking landing clearance

I was reported by IFATC Captain Zen while trying to seek landing clearance to KASE airport. I was patched into Aspen Pitken approach when this happened. His reason was that I was spamming the frequency which was not my intention. I made two attempts and then received the report on my screen as a notification. I would really appreciate this violation reversal. It was an honest mistake and I truly enjoy playing on expert level server, which this report kicked me off of. Please take my dispute into consideration. Future pilots like myself take these mishaps as a detriment when things like this happen.


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Please contact @Captain_Zen for further discussion. The controller will determine if it can be reversed

As infinite said, Please contact the Controller as there isn’t anything we can do :(

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I also suggest taking a look at this to make it easier for Zen ;)

Please note that brand new users to the forum are not able to initiate PMs to contact the controller.

The controller has been notified and should reach out to you @MatoySR5