Spamming Frequency

Hello IFC,

Just wanted a bit of information, if you check in once on approach (after getting told to expect vectors) is that considered spamming the frequency?
Thanks in advance

Is this on Expert or TS1? As most TS1 controllers don’t know how to do Approach but if it was to be on expert you should wait a couple of minutes before reminding them. Trust me - They know how to control but sometimes people forget (especially in larger airports)

I’m referring to expert server

I would say it would be used in lack of better option.
Checking in serves literally no purpose after being told to expect vectors and only causes more chatter on a (probably) already busy frequency.


Alright thanks, and one more thing, does anyone know Josh Smithley’s IFC username? Would appreciate it

@JoshFly8 is the one to contact :)


Seb is correct. In a flash flight of over 80+ aircraft on the frequency, there’s no excuse. If all 80 do it, guess what? 80 extra messages to deal with.


The pilot in control should ask for what they want in my opinion. As soon as you are able, contact Approach with what you want and go from there.

(I’m not a fan of checking in)

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