Spamming frequency issues

I am on atc at KLAX… and for the third time in 5 days this guys is spamming on freq for a 30minutes… It is a shame you cant do anything about it!!


Well it’s the Training Server so you really can’t do anything about it. These pilots are learning and may not know about ATC.

As we all understand your frustration, please refrain from using any sort of profanity on the forum. Thanks!

Instead of posting here, better PM him:


Not so active but give it a try

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I get that too. I just turn the volume off…

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Well that can be a thing, but not with this guy… almost 65XP, 75hours flying… so if you dont know that there is a “live” atc after that fly time you are a pretty special guy…

Yes it is a shame. If you want a realistic experience as a controller check out our IFATC team. Recruiting link provided below: