Spammed Then Ignored

I was spammed by a approach ATC in Miami ~1-2 days ago.

So I tuned into the frequency that is for Approach in Miami, the ATC There Told me to do a 360 after I asked for a GPS approach (I forget the runway) so I turned left and did a 360 then the ATC tells me to do it again, now I’m a bit mad but as I start turning they keep telling to to do a 360. I’m about 180° around and I’m still being spammed. After that I rerequested for GPS approach but then didn’t hear back so I ended up over flying the airport.

I decided to land at a airport near miami (without an ATC) because I didn’t feel like turning and recontacting Miami ATC.

I would like to mention the ATC was communicating to other aircraft just fine as this happened (to clear up that they were not afk)

So my main question is, is did I do the right thing? Did I preform a 360 correctly?

Which server was this? If this was Training, unfortunately there isn’t much we can do.


It’s true. Most controllers are in training just troll.
As ive said in other post
expect ZERO realism in casual/training server, want realistic gameplay? Go to expert. Realistic ATC session? Join IFATC.


This was in the expert server I believe, I can’t complete remember though so don’t hold me to that 😒😅

Yea, I don’t think it would be expert, take a look at this week’s ATC the past 1-2 days. There was no ATC even near Miami.

Tuesday Featured Airport: Istanbul [LTFM]
All others ATC Choice!

Wednesday Featured Airport: Buenos Aires [SAEZ]
All others ATC Choice!

Thursday Featured Airport : St. Louis [KSTL]
All others ATC Choice!

Take a look at your replay or logbook to see which server your flight was on.


if it was expert listen to the controllers. They know what they are doing you probably came straight in and contacted approach to late and they wanted to filter you in to the icoming planes just do the 360’s. Also did they tell you to circle over a airport because there are multiple reasons they do that. Ex: emergency inbound, so much traffic planes can’t take off, etc.

KMIA Hasn’t been opened in about a month on expert.

What grade are you?

Also, landing at another airport is not realistic, but not against any IF rules. Imagine if you were flying into Miami in the real world and the captain says, “No, I don’t want to land in Miami, we’ll go to Fort Lauderdale instead.” See? Not that realistic.

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@anon79257371 yes I understand but after being ignored for ~15-20 with no contact to the ATC I didn’t want to keeping going straite with no instructions so I decide to devort course.

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@United2 I contacted them as soon as they came up on the frequency list. I think I was about 30nm out.


Understandable if you were ignored for a whole 20 minutes, You might have ran out of fuel otherwise.

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@Aceorbit thank you, then it was in the Training server. I would of gone back in my logs to look but I usually delete them to save storage on my phone😂
Thanks again.


Same thing happened to me at ksfo. Silly me thinking I would have just an hour flight, nope got vectored into a holding pattern for an half an hour. Moral of the story is like everyone else says on this forum if what to be realistic go on expert sever.

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@Brenden_Hirsch yes, I agree now, this was my first “bad” experience with ATC. I usually fly the training server for the sole fact that there is more ATC coverage but the Expert servers ATC is much more realistic😂

Lesson learned, fly expert server for better experience:)


It should be a rule that you have to be on the Forums to play IF

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@Josh67 Yep I will be sticking to the expert server from now on. Today though IFATC had 12 airports open across the mid west

Approach or Tower

Approach frequency

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From all I understood you were not the responsible for the issue here. Unfortunately the training server doesn’t (always) offer the amount of professionalism needed to enjoy the simulator. Expert is the place to be for a good experience (if you want to fly realistically) in my opinion and experience.

Also there isn’t much you could have done wrong when flying a 360 (it’s just a circle).

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