Spammed ATC

So, apparently, on Free flight, the SF Unicom was spammed by “El Al 666 Heavy”. The transmissions are as follows: “El Al 666 Heavy is clear of all runways” 10 times. I know this didn’t happen just now, a few minutes ago infact, but I wanted to report it.

its free flight nothing can be done, also with playground but with playground if 3 users report he is gone

Even though pilots shouldn’t be doing that, it’s the free flight server so really anything goes. If you want a more realistic experience try the advanced:)

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Alright, my XP is on 4100, I play on an average of maybe one day to two weeks. How long will it take?

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Just do a lot of touch and goes may take a few weeks though. Sorry! It’s just that the nimrods that spam the ATC are usually low XP and we don’t want unexperienced pilots on advanced

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Alright. Will do

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i spam atc if it bothers me like if I’m landing at KLAX and I’m in the ILS approach zone and i get a notification from KONT, i spam them if they continue but first i say frequency change in a way to say good bye

I wouldn’t encourage spamming those guys in return. Be better than them. 😃

With that being said, possessing a deal of maturity is necessary if you wish to be an advanced controller one day. We do look for those things.

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This is why I never fly FF anymore.