Spad s.xiii

In World War I were not just only Germany and UK were the part of the aircraft manufacturer to built the plane, but France was too. The SPAD S.XIII was the cool biplane fighter, and it was the rival of the Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5.


Imagine the SPAD S.XIII and a F-22 both trying to do pattern. The speed difference would cause a lot of extend downwind calls or i’ll call your base calls. I would hate to be that ATC.

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Hmm I wonder where that’s from hahaha… cough southwest

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@masonh2479, If it was possible I would love to see that pattern attempted! That would make a great legacy flight.

I’m not sure if yall care, but the pictured SPAD S.XIII is painted with the 94th sq markings. The SPAD legacy is still honored today in that same F-22 squadron! Check out the lithograph I found on the net(website on pic), notice the tail flash…

It’s kind of a funny coincidence, but both planes are known for needing constant maintenance to stay airworthy!

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maybe, maybe not ;)