Spacing When Landing

Saw this when waiting for take off at KASE ~20 minutes ago…a Cessna 208 overhead declares he is inbound for landing. Meanwhile, a Japan Airlines is on short final (as you can see).

No bother, he’ll wait for the 738 to go ahead of him, right? Wrong. From about 9,000ft the Cessna just totally cuts up the 738 who is now just behind him, forcing the aircraft to go around. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? Does anyone know the flyer? He should be warned about that? It’s so frustrating seeing pilots pulling off bush pilot-style antics just to land first. Grrrr.


What server was this on?

@Riley_Dunshea Advanced

Was there active ATC?

The ATC came on about 2 minutes after that, but no not at the time

Sometimes people just can’t help themselves. If you see behaviour like this just report them.
If you don’t know how this should help:


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@Riley_Dunshea I did but low and behold - made no difference

I notice the C208 had a great Callsign too…FedEx 11 SUPER!

the sign of a true professional…


I wouldn’t like to have my cargo in his plane 😒


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