Spacing in expert server

I think the community needs to work on education on spacing in expert server.

there is a second hold short line for a reason.


You are over the hold short line which is also an error.


That’s Canadian hospitality for you.

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Just to elaborate on what @Trio mentioned, the entirety of your aircraft must be behind the hold short line. In this case, your nose is hanging over. Being “on” the line is being over it which causes a runway incursion.

EDIT: the FAA states the following:

When instructed by ATC, “Hold short of Runway XX”, the pilot MUST STOP so that no part of the aircraft extends beyond the runway holding position marking. When approaching runways at airports with an operating control tower, pilots must not cross the runway holding position marking without ATC clearance. Pilots approaching runways at airports without an operating control tower must ensure adequate separation from other aircraft, vehicles, and pedestrians prior to crossing the holding position markings. An aircraft exiting a runway is not clear of the runway until all parts of the aircraft have crossed the applicable holding position marking.


Wasn’t there a bother post that explained this in ifc. I couldn’t find it

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But touching my plane is worse than a runway incursion

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I think ATC would say otherwise lol

Also I am behind the line.

Your wheel is behind. Your nose is over. The whole of your aircraft must be behind the line. Not over it or past it, behind it.

My nose is not past the hold short line

Your nose needs to have a clear space from the hold short line and your nose wheel. So stop way before the line is best

While this is accurate technically speaking, the nose of your aircraft is hovering over the hold short line - which makes your aircraft not properly holding short.

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Other person at the other intersection is also not behind the hold short line. Entire aircraft needs to not be over or beyond it.

The second hold short line is a CATII/III hold short line.


To be fair to him, he was probably pressured by the aircraft taxiing to close behind him. I see this all the time on Flash Flights and with aircraft tailgating me I always feel pressured to go faster, so I see how he could make a mistake and overrun the hold short line.


Best bet would be to sit still and wait for ATC to report them rather then taxi on to the runway past the hold short line.

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I have never seen ATC hand out a report for tailgating or failing to maintain space on the taxiway. Though I can see how ATC would miss that as they have bigger things to worry about

If they’re inside the other aircraft like in the picture above then they would. We also have miscellaneous messages to tell aircraft to give other aircraft room.


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