SpaceX's Starship 12.5k altitude Test: "Failure"

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Today, SpaceX recently made a 12.5Km flight Test with the Spacecraft “Starship” in Texas. The launch originally was scheduled for Yesterday, but it was Aborted in the last second. The second attemp happened today, after another clock hold and Call-Off 2 hours before. The launch went good and the Spacecraft reached the Altitude of 12.5 Km. But a Hard landing exploded the vehicle and made the Test a Failure. Let’s hope that SpaceX can resolve this soon.

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I don’t really agree with the concept, but good try I guess? 😂

Elon’s smart, they’ll figure it out.

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During testing the only way you can fail is if it blows up before the test can occur and nothing can be learnt. The main test objectives were to relight the engines and ti control a 200 ton 50-metre stainless steel rocket with just aerodynamics. This was in no way a failure.


But the hard landing made that a failure.

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I saw a quote from Elon a few days when they were preparing for this, and he said it only had a 20-30 something percent chance of total success. I don’t remember the exact percentage but I got the impression this was much more of a test to find out how it failed than to actually validate systems they were 99% confident would work.

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It’s not a total failure. They learned what works and what doesn’t, and that’s what makes it a slight success, even if it blew up in a massive fireball.

I just did a bit of research on this Starship myself, seems like an interesting idea. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out and the Starship will be the next big advancement in space travel.

Well I posted so they can know the results

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