SpaceX to begin providing satellite internet access to private jets

Good afternoon everyone! Earlier today, SpaceX announced that they will be bringing StarLink access to the private jet market, which now makes it a direct competitor to the GoGo company.

In addition to providing stable internet access to passengers, this also means that pilots will have more stable access to stuff such as live weather mapping and additional navigational tools. StarLink is also supposed to be faster than GoGo wifi. SpaceX has claimed that StarLink can stream at speeds of up to 350 MB per second. GoGo wifi can only stream at 70 MB per second.

The downside to StarLink is that it is pricey to install and subscribe to. The initial installation fees can cost up to $150,000, and the subscription fee is ranging from $12,500 a month to $25,000 a month.

Another benefit, however, is that StarLink will also be able to provide internet access in areas of the globe not reached by the GoGo network. This is most notable when flying over oceans, where GoGo has plans of expanding coverage, but no coverage currently exists.

Here’s an NBC article which talks about it more!


Wow, first time I spotted the satellite train in the predawn sky I hadn’t heard of Starlink. My heart skipped several beats - sleep deprived or the alien invasion we had to have!? After settling down with a Google reality returned to Earth.

Third time spotted, I had the chance to point it out to a group of stunned cyclists. Mars was high in the sky as they whizzed past in precise formation.

Later the irony hit me. Musk had said he viewed Starlink as the future cash cow to fund the trip to Mars. There they appeared in the sky together!

$150,000 for installation plus the monthly fees.

Mars is expensive!

Super interesting topic!

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Weren’t they already trying to market the service to airlines? Seems like a natural extension of that but just a bit different since it’s more of a customer than major corporate partners.

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It was in the original business plan for StarLink, but there hasn’t been much forward progress on that. SpaceX has decided to start off in the corporate jet market before moving to the major airlines.

From what I understand, this is a test case to see how the inflight wifi service works before moving on to the airline market.

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I assume this didn’t happen yet?:

“Meanwhile, rival satellite internet company OneWeb was happy to announce its timeline for in-flight WiFi, which is sometime in the middle of 2022.”

from: Starlink WiFi on Airplanes | How Does WiFi Work on Airplanes? (

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I don’t know much about that. However, I could do some research and get back to you!

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