SpaceX Dragon SpaceCraft Simulator


With the return of the United States to space travel today with the launch of the Falcon 9 Dragon Spacecrafts, I thought it would be nice if us Av-simmers got some deep-space experience as well.

Below, is the SpaceX Dragon flightcraft simulator for International Space Station Docking. It’s seems like a cool experience, but it’s harder than it looks!

Second, here is the live stream that NASA will be televising for the public through Sunday May 31,2020. Don’t miss the docking of the Space craft at around 14:24Zulu.

I’ve also linked the Falcon 9 launch topic below if you want to continue the discussion there as well.

So grab your device of preference, and give it go! Post your successes down below!

Please do enjoy! 😀


I just learnt that I’ll never want to become a pilot for SpaceX.


Going to space is not my thing…I’d rather fly airplanes 😂


Yes, same! The controls are really hard.

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Been trying for 10 min can’t dock!!!

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Yes, I did that too. I don’t understand why it swerves immediately rightwards for me?

The controls are really hard…


I did it!


No thanks, I’ll take airplane for 500 Alex. Those controls are hard to understand


I think it starts us out in the position because that is the intercept position. Maybe.

Thanks for sharing!

The movements are hard to master, very slow reaction time.

I ended up hitting way above the docking point and well… we didn’t make it. I’m going to keep trying until I get it!


Same I will keep trying.

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You will get it eventually!

My only tip is too watch your speed and keep all the big green values at 0.0… It is really sensitive when you get slower.

Yeah it’s nice to have an aviation experience that’s not behind the typical B777 or A350 cockpit.

Thanks for the awesome support!

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When I was far out I was like boys I got this, then I got to like 10 meters and I was like O…

Then at 5 is was way off, it’s fun though, definitely going to try to get good at that. Hope they make an app so I don’t keep zooming in on the page…

I kind of rammed into a piece of technology thats worth 100 billion dollars aka the ISS.


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Just pushing this up for others!

This is such a cool experience! Join in the history!

Ok tried this - changed my mind about this looking easy…

Yeah…I’d rather fly planes

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Yeah me too, but I do like the experience of some deep-space “aviation”

Can you still call this aviation? 🤔

Ah man I was sooooo close. Somehow I touched ISS too early…

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