SpaceX Crew dragon

As we all know SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket, so I was thinking of flying into space in Infinite Flight. This may be a feature for the future and only for solo mode, I think it would be quite “easy” (I know it is not easy to make a plane in IF) since space already exists in IF.
Please tell me what you think!

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This seems ambitious…I like it.

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We would probably need the ISS as well


That would be cool

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This is a flight sim, not a space sim.


This is a flight simulator, not a space simulator.

And I would much rather see the devs focus on a lot of other things before this.


This is needed! It would add an entirely new element to infinite flight. Then infinite flight would be “infinite”


If you want to fly the dragon you can do it here:

Real sim created by SpaceX.


That´s why I said “In the future”


Crew Dragon and Falcon are controlled autonomously. Launch, booster landing, and return into atmosphere are all automated. Only docking is the part where the crew actually has control, but that can be done automatically too. Therefore I don’t see a need for this in Infinite Flight. If you want to see a docking simulation please see the one by SpaceX in a link provided above.

Also it doesn’t seem quite easy to code since airplanes are much simpler than rockets. Anyone can train to fly a plane but not a rocket. You have to keep in mind all if the aspects of a rocket since it is basically a controlled explosion.

However this would be cool if implemented because i recall xPlane 9 having a shuttle docking simulator.

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Why not go enjoy this in Kerbal Space Program?


Last time I checked, feature requests are not a place to continuously criticize a requested feature… who are you all to say this is not happening in IF, use another simulator? This is a legitimate request and the ops request deserves to be heard. So rather than hating on the idea, just don’t vote for it. If you like it, then do, simple as that.


Fun fact, to test certain physics related dev software blah blah code (idek at this point), Laura got bored and found a very basic model of the ISS, so there is one floating about somewhere, but not in any public builds of course!


Speaking of the devil, here is a photo of that very model from several years ago.

[not coming to Infinite Flight, sorry 😉]