Spacecraft please

Hi can we please get spacecrafts including falcon 9 and the ability to go to space free roam orbit earth and reentry.? I would think it would be awesome to be able to have space free roam and to see earth from space. and be able to re enter the atmosphere anywhere on earth. thanks.

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This infinite flight, not infinite space flight 🤣


Well, I mean…

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Sauce: How Falcon 9 Helped Fix A Bug


Just grab an F22 and you’ll be set 😉


Good be quite hard to develop space for the developers, and earth curvature etc. If you want space games, im sure there are other suitable ones!

Hey there!

First off, I would recommend adding this to the #features category if you are wishing for a new aircraft to be added to Infinite Flight in general.

On the other hand,

Hope this helps. Have a nice one kind sir.

Ok thanks for letting me know

On a more serious note, if you like space games, there’s plenty of great ones out there.

To name a handful: Elite Dangerous, EVE online, no mans sky, and herbal space program are all good ones. However, they’re not mobile, and most you’ll need a PC for I believe.

I think a big underrated problem with this is that orbital maneuvering is not intuitive. Flying a plane is, frankly, fairly intuitive at it’s most basic level. Point the nose up and go up, point it down and go down, roll left and go left, give the engines more juice and go faster, etc. In space almost none of that applies. If fire your engines forward you will actually end up raising your apoapsis or highest point in your orbit, fire your engines to the side and you end up changing the inclination of the orbit, not really turning from a certain prospective. Not to mention any maneuvers require an engine burn. It would require an entirely different physics model and control/navigation system to actually “fly” in space.

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Oh i did not know that well thanks for letting me know cheers!!!

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We already have that. It’s called Star Wars

Herbal space program….now that I’d like to try.


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