Spacecraft on Infinite flight!

Why does my plane look like a spacecraft?

This happens when LiveFlight can’t detect your plane/flight accurately or simply can’t find it, possibly due to connectivity.

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I tried to refresh the page every time but I still see a spacecraft

There is nothing you can really do about it, this happens to me too, especially when mods are testing an aircraft.

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I guess this happens when live flight isn’t able to recognize the aircraft you’re flying.


but it’s 777-200ER

what livery?

it’s Nordwind

The 777-200ER was updated recently. Liveflight may not be able to recognize it yet.

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Thanks for the clarification

Weird, I definitely added the Nordwind livery to the database, I’ll double check this today. Thanks for the report!


Hi @Cameron
I don’t know it still shows me a picture of a space plane when I use [Nordwind]

Live Flight doesn’t recognize it yet

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He said “I definitely added the Nordwind livery to the database”

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oh. hmm. IDK then

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Cam, I still sees old pics of the 772 🧐


i can also see the pics of the 772 BEFORE 20.1

Cam, I think there was an error adding Nordwind to the database, as there is no Nordwind when filtering for livery.

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