Space with a F-22 at Lukla 130,000 feet

Hey everyone I was flying on solo from Lukla with a F-22 I shot up all the way to 130,000 feet my record 😁look it’s space it’s so cool and awesome looking am I right take a look

Thank you very much there cool right please leave feedback happy flying


Looks like the earth is not flat. _

Feedback: an F22 does not belong at 130000 ft :)


Haha you’re right on that 👍🏽😁


Awesome pictures brother. 👍🏻💪🏻

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Cool Earth shots 👍

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Thank you 😁

I know there awesome thanks buddy 👍🏽😁

One time I got 2M MSL… Don’t ask how

Hmmmm I think the flat earthers with destroy all your social to prove that wrong. Love it thiugh

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Cool! Always love blasting into space! 😃👍🏻

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Thank you 😆

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Now dive straight down and see how fast you can get 😬

How 😂

This was a joke.

Clearly edited, the world is not round. Nice try, round-earther.


Nice shots. Highest I’ve gotten is 145k. I did this by “slingshotting” - basically shooting towards the ground at Mach 3 and pulling up. Fun times :)

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Wow that’s awesome

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Cheats? Lol

go to 90 thousand feet MSL
nose dive with full throttle
go thru the ground
go to -150 thousand feet MSL
pull up with no throttle
go thru the ground
full throttle!

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Won’t it register as a crash? What do you mean go through the ground?

It’s a little bug where if you go fast enough pitching down at ninety degrees towards a flat surface, it doesn’t register as a crash, rather you go through the ground. Once you get to a point with no throttle, it’ll slingshot you out and up you go.