Space travel 7

I wanted to take a flight on the F22 from the beautiful city of Oakland in the bay of San Fransisco. I decided to fly to infinity. These wonderful pictures were created. There also appears to be a scene from Star Wars. As a Star Wars fan, this has become special for me. Look at the pictures and enjoy the view of America, Canada to the Bahamas and part of South America with a view of the Andes Mountains.

These images were created without editing.

Route :Oakland to space
Server :Casual Server
Flugzeit :45 mins

1.) Start

2.) Atmosphere, amazing view :)

3.) Arround the world

4.) Beauty

5.) Look at the earth <3. My fav

6.) kiss the world

7.) The darkside from the earth

8.) ;)

9.) :)

10.) Back to earth :(

It was a lot of fun for me.
It is impressive how beautiful pictures can be created.
I want to thank all of you who have brought this Sim this far.
Thank you very much and I hope the pictures entertained you.


These are some really cool pictures, great job!


Thank you Shane

Wow that’s amazing!
May I ask how you managed to catch the whole world in 1 picture? I have managed to view both sides of japan in a picture but nothing this impressive.

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I’m assuming replay glitch? That’s the only known way so far.

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1; How do you do this I have asked but no one told me lol…?
2: Love the pictures great job bro!!!
3: can you return to the IF earth or are u stuck up there?

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No, it is not a repeat hack. That would be about 100,000,000 feet. I am at about 25,600,000 feet.

No, I came back.

How did you get in space?

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just one question, how? haha

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The way you get extremely high is:

  1. increase your speed to MACH 2.5 or higher
  2. When at this incredible speed pull back sharply on your device so that you are travelling straight up
  3. make minor adjustments until you loose speed which will be around about 100,000 feet.
    (@cleared_for_takeoff, @CaptainLeo1, hope this answered the question :))

Yes it did, thank you 😊

Number 8 looks like it could be a Space Force logo 😁. Nice Photos, I love it when this happens to me

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@Liam06 sorry that I’m only now answering you🙃. I am trying to send you a PM because it is a little different than you think

Hmm really? I’ve made it to 100,00+ feet before with my strategy. Anyway, I’ll just wait for the PM 😊

how do you fly so high? how do you do it. how do you go so high

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Its a glitch in the replay. He doesn’t actually do it in live

oh how do you do it in live

as mentioned above this is NOT a replay glitch …

i went in F16, and the altitude stops counting after 100,000 feet