Space Shuttle: Does anyone even fly it in IF anymore? (Poll)

Do you even fly it anymore?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you the first person to even mention it on the forum :)?

Seriously though, Space Shuttle needs an update. Perhaps it is being overlooked because you can only do one thing with it, land it. Also, it can only be used in solo right? One can do much more interesting things with an A320.

That said, to improve the overall quality of the sim, it wouldn’t take too long to update the space shuttle. No AP required, just animating some parts and repainting the aircraft. Might give it a teeny boost in popularity


Nope, its been mentioned, just not under features 😊

I do fly the 747-SC from time to time for fun. How realistic are the physics with that brick on the back?


Good question, but I mean the space shuttle itself in solo.

You can fly it in live

really? I would like to fly it in live

Only on free flight server, it’s hard to keep the speed below 250 kits sometimes

You can barely fly it. I can’t even pushback with it. Pointless in the real world. I have flown that SOFIA plane though carrying the space shuttle.

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Pointless in the real world? Ummmm…don’t worry about astronauts or anything. It’s cool. They can stay up there for e few more months tops.

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Or not? Took humans up, equipment to SURVIVE. Correct about the safety, but what are you going to do when only a handful of those have ever been launched. Of course it isn’t a great safety record. A scratch on the side would create “BREAKING NEWS shuttle gets scratch, plans for more are scrapped” not trying to be rude her, but I think it’s one of the best things every built.