Space Odyssey @KSFO-121700ZOCT17 (CANCELLED)

Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1700Z

Greetings fellow pilots!Hop in an A380-800 and embark on your journey to the Karman Line!The Karman Line is at 330,000 ft.If you are willing to join,please do note that this flight or journey is time-consuming;so please set aside your time for this journey/flight.The duration of this journey/flight is approximately 1.5 hours excluding our descend back to KSFO.Flight plans would be issued at a later date.Should you have any inquiries,please do not be afraid to ask.Please message me if you are willing to embark on this journey alongside me.
V/S :3000FT/MIN

Happy landings!

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How are you going to reach 335000 FT in a A380,or any other airliner?

through patience…and time

Sorry to break it to you, but there is no way in a million years an A380 is going to reach even half that altitude.


I feel pathetic.Pls close this.I’m really dumb.

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Nah, don’t feel pathetic. You’re not dumb at all. I liked your enthusiasm :)