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Hello, all space man’s and women’s,

Today, i created this topic to inform you easily about every space launch that’s coming in our planet. Including every details and mission track with a conclusion at the end. Below you can see a table that i will uptade as possible, after a launch or when a date of launch is available for the next one.
⚠️ So it’s important to watch this table frequently

Tell me if there’s anything to uptade. Thank you very much for being here and contributing to my work.

|Mission’s name | Operator | Rocket | Location|

|— | — | — | —|

|Starlink, group 6-51 | SpaceX | Falcon 9 | LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA|

|Starlink, group 6-52 | SpaceX | Falcon 9 | LC-40, Cape Canaveral, FL, USA|
|Unknown (maybe satellite 🛰️) | CNSA | Long March 2 | LC-3,Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China|
|Starlink, group 6-53 | SpaceX | Falcon 9 | LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, FL,USA|
|Begining of the swarm | Rocket lab | Electron/Curie | LC-1B, Māhia Peninsula, NZ 🇳🇿|
|Shenzhou 18B | CNSA | Long March 2F | Pad 901,Jiuqan Satellite launch Center, China |
|Worldview legion 1 and 2 | SpaceX | Falcon 9 | SLC-4E, Vandenberg , California , USA |

        **Date of launch: (scheduled, can vary)**

Group 6-51:

Group 6-52:

Unknown CNSA:

Group 6-53:


Shenzhou 18B :

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Sorry the table doesn’t load. I wil remake it tomorrow

I’m enthusiastic for anything to do with space launches. And it would be fun to get back to obsessing about each and every starship launch. I don’t think there were any starship related comments or topics for the last launch(?).

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Do you think i have to create a dedicated one about starship? Or simply continue here?

I think I’m maybe getting ahead of myself with enthusiasm:) Maybe whether a separate starship launch topic is created can wait until the next launch (assuming there is interest)?

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Yeah, maybe, but i understand totally the feeling! I’m mad about SpaceX goal, strategy, everything. The space passionate me so much, it’s all my life lol even if i’m only 16,5 yo lol

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I’ve heard something like this before in regards to rockets/space flight and it’s once you get the bug it doesn’t go away

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For any IOS users I recommend this app

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Today is the day for Starliner’s Crew Flight Test, a little over 7 hours out