Space Glitch Fixed or not?

I took both of these a while back didn’t make it to 1,000,000 feet though


Beautiful pic of Antarctica and south end of Australia!

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Thank you so much

You’re welcome!

I’ve tried to do this several times but it never happened. :(

Can I do it in a 787?

If you can get to Mach 2 go Ahead, but I don’t know, it’s worth a try

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If you reach top speed in an F-22, turn off autopilot and rise into a vertical climb, you should be able to make it. My record altitude is 163000 feet and from there you can see what you would see from a weather balloon. The edge of space is 130000 feet and when you breach that, you will have reached space! Have fun!

I tried in a Boeing 787-10 and here are my results.


Look at the speed and mach number

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IF crashed for me

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I reached 1 million I crashed as wel underground 😂


You are only about 6K miles out… next time try a thicker rubber band !

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It only needs to take about 30 seconds…

Yes. Just allow the spin to happen and bring the throttle to zero. This will bring your altitude down. Once you reach below 50000 feet, bring the throttle up to 100% and try to level it out. Then you can just land as normal…

The flipping and spinning in space is due to the lack of air reaching the engines. It is also due to the loss of gravity. Just turn off your engines and you should make it…

Check this one.

You can still do it. Get an F22 and nose dive into the ground from like 50000ft! I did it a few days ago…

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I hope you all enjoyed going to space.

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