Space Glitch fixed or not fixed I’m 20.1

Before 20.1 came out, I made a topic about the space glitch. My question was, would we be able to fly through the ground to go to space, or would we simply just crash. After testing since 20.1 has came out I haven’t been able to successfully go to space with the space glitch. Sadly I think that the space glitch was fixed when 20.1 came out. What do you guys think?

I’m glad it was fixed. This is a simulator, not a game.


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@Josh_Smith if you really still need to go to space, I believe it’s possible to do so in the F22 by obtaining a ridiculous amount of speed and climbing very rapidly. The issue may present itself once again, but if it is fixed then that’s for the better.


I managed to glitch through the ground on CASUAL yesterday which I’ve never done before… after going out of control in a F22

Well, once we went to ZUGU, I went up to 30k feet, then I circled around the airport until I was at 1,500 knots. Then I dive bombed the airport and still crashed.

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Someone was over FL1000 on expert the other day so…

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