Space Feature Request 2017 [CLOSED]

Infinite flight in my opinion has a lot of great features, but I have one feature I suggest.

Planes that can go fast enough to take you to space, and maybe planes that can fly to the moon. It would be great to fly to space. One plane could be the “North American X-15”, and could be added with a “Boeing B-52” airplane which carries the rocket plane. Even though the X-15 is retired, it be great for users to fly to space.

I have more suggestions, but I will hold them until later.

Rename you’re topic something that has to do with your suggestion :-)

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His request is to allow aircraft to go to space (he listed one down below)

And “Go To Space” The Right way… Not through the ground :)

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I know, but his title was “Suggestion” or something along the lines of that.

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