SPA Airways VA IF

Hello Captains and Captainettes! Today I worked hard to make the website of my first VA, Sunshine Privacy Airways!

I hope you guys will enjoy the airline and new site, btw i dont know why but i wasnt able to put this Topic in ‘‘VA’’ section so sorry about that! It will be a pleasure flying with you guys!


You have to be TL2 to post/have a VA.

so ill need to delete?://

Please wait until you are TL2 until you post in the #live:va

Hello! Welcome to the community! The community is probably one of the best place on the Internet if your an AvGeek (Like 99.9999999999999999% of us are.

The IFC is divided into 10 categories: #meta, #live, #general, #features, #real-world-aviation, #support, #developer, and #announcements and #tutorials.

There are 5 levels:

New User (TL0)
Basic User (TL1)
Member (TL2
Regular (TL3)
Moderator (TL4)

Please don’t make #feature, or #live:events until you are a member!

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