Southwind Airlines A321-200

İts great 👨‍✈️


Beatiful livery, I love it!

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must be perfect

My first flight will be Antalya Moscow, I’m looking forward to it 😍😍

I like it a lot

nice finish

Very Nice Livery 😍

Woww.Thats good

I will be proud to fly in this uniform 🤩

perfect coating should definitely come!

This livery is awesome, mate.


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This plane is red like TH, but this one is also very beautiful. I don’t know how this is not there.

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Good livery.

Wow there are already 73 votes

we already have 78 votes, there are still not many left to 100

if it comes, it will be perfect 🔥🔥🔥

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Looks good

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Nice livery. We would like to see it in the game in the next updates.

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Good Livery. I hope add game

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