Southwest's New Californian Destination - 04-12-2021 ( Inaugural )

Server: Expert
Time: 2:35mins
Route: KDEN - KSBA

Today I flew Southwest’s inaugural to Santa Barbara along with @JGordon , Todays flight felt a little long, this is also the first time I visit my home airport since 2019, The approach is a little tricky here due to no direct straight in approaches, Here at the photos!

  1. Waiting for my special departure!

  1. Holding short of Denver’s 25

  1. Full power mode!

  1. After a long 2 hours we’re making the very curvy approach into SBA

  1. Final turn to Runway 25

  1. Butter

  1. We have arrived :)

Bonus Photo!

Tell me which is your favorite photo down below! :)

As always… See you next time in the skies.

Feel free to watch the replay and rate it as well :)


I’m voting picture 1 since it has the blue and gold liveries. Nice 📸 shots!

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Thank you! :)

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Wonderful shots you have there, well done!!!

P.S that 3rd shot is definitely my fav its epic!!!

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Haha. Thanks!

Ahh I saw you today. I was the other WN1143 to SBA :)


I saw you too! I just had to take advantage of this. One it’s my home airport, 2. I don’t have to hassle anymore with the E175 that United has on this service, and the terrible 175 in game.

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Ohh okay. Definitely great to see SWA fly to SBA! :)

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We seen you “speedy gonzales” 😂 We couldn’t keep up with you lol


Good Job @PilotChrisSG. I am very happy that you flew to Santa Barbara


Picture #1 for me

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Hehehe 😂😂😂😂