SouthwestFan’s Weekly Landing Competition #1 @ KJFK - 050100ZSEP17

Server: Training

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: Hello! I’m starting a weekly landing competition every week for now! I’ll put out a poll letting everyone vote for the region we should do next week. So, this week is in New York! Spawn up at any airport in the New York region and come to JFK to land! You’ll be graded on these categories: smoothness, distance on the runway, and centerline. The rubric looks like this:

Smoothness __/10
Distance __/5
Centerline __/10
Total : __/25

I’ll be on the side of the runway watching!

Spawn up in any of the following aircraft:


Atc help is needed! Please sign up for Ground or tower or both!

Thank you!!


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Any specific aircraft?

I would want to use a soecific aircraft as someone could easily just use APPR on let’s say a 787

You’re right. I’ll change it.

Do Denver international next please

Since you are a fan of southwest maybe do a 737-700 landing comp. (just my thoughts)

@Drew737380 this might be helpful ;)

Just changed it. The planes you’re allowed to come in in are listed

Just wondering, what time will this event be in EST?

9:00 EDT. I’m in the EDT time zone, too!

Cool! Thanks. I’ll show up in a Delta 744, callsign Delta 1255

Sounds good. Thanks for coming!

I’ll should be there, I’ll be in a united 763, callsign BIGPLANE. (Prefer not to change to a United _______ callsign) See you all there!

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Can I be ground control? Or tower? OR BOTH😊

Yes you can. I’ll PM you when you can go in.

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Thanks was just there now I’ll do both ground and tower

Everyone can start going to an airport that is not JFK so you can come land!

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U mean JFK😂 right? U said JKF

@SouthwestFan, what runway will you be at? Wind favors 22L and 22R.

I just pm Dylan. I’ll let him decide