Southwestern reality

Hey folks, So some of you know others may not. I am not a fan of traditional and authentic commercial routes by any means. Honestly I enjoy randomly cruising a Southwest Boeing over the Pakistan mountains, or flying a MexacanaClick Airbus through the Himalayas.
Today I decided I would change it up and actually run a realistic route that I have personally traveled many times. Was enjoyable but nowhere near as entertaining as trying not to take one of my wings off on a 26,000 foot tall mountain range.
It was a great flight but rocky as all get out over FL & AL due to this storm we have had rolling through today.
Btw loving this new FltPln Go app, That is a layer for weather and a separate layer for wind with color-coded arrows indicating the severity and direction.

Route: KTPA(Tampa, Fl) -to- KBNA(Nashville, Tn)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 Southwest (canyon blue)
Server: Expert
Duration: 01:44


I feel. I rarely fly an actual route in IF.