Southwest YouTube Trip Report! | MCO-ISP

Hi everyone!

Last week over at the Track other members’ flights thread, I mentioned how I was flying on Southwest and planned to upload a trip report on it. Well, I’m happy to announce I published my first trip report on YouTube! This video basically serves as a test video, as I mention in the video as I have cooler trips planned. If you’re interested, please check my video out! Here’s my Southwest trip report, my very first trip report YouTube video!:

Flight Details:
Flight Number: WN3956
Departure Airport: Orlando (KMCO)
Arrival Airport: Long Island (KISP)
Flight Date: September 15, 2023
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800, N8572X
Flight Time: 2 hours 9 minutes

Thanks to everyone who watches! It’s a brand new channel so any views definitely help out! I’ve already got my 2nd report ready to be edited and plenty of trips I plan to make into videos throughout the next few months!

If anyone has any feedback or maybe even any trips they’d like to see me do for the future, just let me know!


ISP is a lovely little airport and I have been there many times

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Yep! It’s my go to airport when I’m back home.

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