Southwest Wing Tip Strike at KBDL

It’s in the local news but I’m unsure if anyone else has heard about it but during the wind storm we had earlier this week a Southwest Flight 2169 had made three approaches into KBDL and diverted to KPVD after failing all three. The severe turbulence on those approaches resulted in a number of passengers losing their cookies. Well, on their first approach the right wing tip made contact with the ground sustaining significant damage. What isn’t well known is that the left wing tip also made ground contact. The aircraft is still sitting here at KPVD with the wing tips disassembled.

Just an idea of how intense and dangerous the winds were during that storm.


Ha, that part made me laugh. maybe they lost the signature Southwest pretzels? ;)

Hopefully everyone on board the aircraft is okay, and hopefully, the aircraft will be healed soon due to the wing strike. Just like you said, that shows how instance winds can be sometimes.


They brought in two carts worth of tools and parts yesterday afternoon on a plane from BWI. Looks like they’re putting her back together.

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Good. Hopefully that bird can be flying again soon.


More info about the incident found here


That is my hometown airport! Yikes! Hope everyone is okay

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I’m sure I would have lost mine to, a wing strike is so uncommon. Near wind strikes of so much. Glad to hear it ended well, I’ll let you know as well if I find anything else out.

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Also when exactly did this occur, I can’t find anything for “Southwest 2159” recently at any of those airports

Edit No worries I see it’s Southwest 2169 from Orlando, 737-700 N759GS

Yeah, sorry. Wrong flight number 😛

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@Dylan_T @Chris_Hoover @Bobby

We’re you on that flight Bobby?

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Wasn’t in state when it happened. However I’m sure it’s a big deal for CT because not much happens in that little state

I flown N759GS but if it failed all three approaches than how did the wingtip hit the ground

I assume it was more of a go around at BDL and on the third attempt the wing strike occurred. Not a “failed approach”

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Nope, thankfully I flew back from Tampa the day before.

@Chris_Hoover there was an American B738 that had to return the field the morning of February 26th due to smoke in the cockpit after departure.

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There were a few diversions here, luckly no wingstrikes, but that was quite the windstorm. I’m frankly not surprised this happened if they had the same winds we did. And lots of power outages. Southern Airways Express sat it out, as did most airlines. 60+ kts is above the caravan’s max wind I suppose… 😂

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"Approach"meaning an approach to land. Not like an insturment approach.

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I’m not a pilot, but I’d bet they got down to the ground and had a hard time setting it down since it was rolling around.

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The wing strikes occurred on the first approach. They were just about on the ground when a gust of wind hit the aircraft. They attempted two more approaches on a different runway but were unsuccessful so they went to PVD instead. @N1DG

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Right wing has been repaired. They’re finishing the left wing today.

@Jeremy_H heres a link to a article about it. Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Smashes Wing in Turbulent, Vomit-Inducing Failed Landing in Connecticut