Southwest wants the city of Dallas to make Delta share gates with Alaska at Love Field

Southwest is accusing the city of Dallas of failing to properly manage gate space at Love Field, suggesting in a court filing this week that Delta should be given shared access to gates controlled by Alaska Airlines, rather than on gates controlled by Southwest. This filing is the latest in a very long-lasting dispute between Southwest, Delta and the city over access to the limited space at city-owned Love Field, which is capped at 20 gates under the Wright Amendment Reform Act.
Currently, Delta operates five daily flights out of Love Field (to Atlanta) from a gate it shares with Southwest and wants to fly up to 13 flights per day. Southwest has argued that it should have full use of the 18 gates it has leased or subleased and has accused Delta of trespassing. Delta does not have a lease, but they’ve been at the airport since 2009. They (Delta) argue that the city of Dallas has an obligation to provide access at Love Field.

Read on here… And don’t forget to share your thoughts on this mess below! Southwest to Dallas: Make Alaska Airlines share Love Field gates with Delta


Why can’t Delta just stay at Fort Worth?

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Why they don’t use KDFW instead 🙄

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IMO, Southwest should get full access to the gate. All the other airlines abandoned Love and now they want the gates back. Delta has service from DFW, I don’t really see the point in having Love Service too, especially with all of the restrictions.


I thought the Wright Amendment ended in 2014 or so? Now Southwest can fly non-stop and not have to stop in one of the four bordering states?

They have been fighting for Love field for years. Its a nice smaller airport but Southwest sort of wants to keep it their own thing. Its not like DFW is that much further to drive to.


They sure aren’t showing their #transfarency attitude however I do agree with them


Transfarency just applies to their customers, not their airline rivals 😉

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I’d love to see a Judge Judy episode of Southwest and Delta CEOs going at it. 😂


When they introduce the Southwest CEO, he comes in dancing like on their commercials.

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So, delta flies out of DFW(which probably has space for more flights) but they’re battling with WN for a few gates at DAL? They should just consolidate their Love field ops into their DFW ops to make it ‘uniform’

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That was repealed in October of 2014.

Yes, but a result of the repeal limits DAL at 20 gates.

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Is it possible for the City of Dallas to review that, maybe making some sort of amendment to the Repeal/Act?

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