Southwest Virtual

Is Southwest Virtual active if so please DM me Ive been waiting to receive and email or DM to join after I submitted my application a week ago or so. Thank you


Southwest Virtual is active. More information here on the IFVARB website

Hey! you can know that by the IFVARB site! there you can see which VA is active and which is not.

linked above

Southwest Virtual is active as per check, but I believe they may be going through some restructuring due to unfortunate circumstances, so applications may be delayed or put on hold at the moment. I would recommend sending one of their staff a message to confirm though:

Edit: as answered below.

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Hey @Auzzy20 ,

As of right now SWVA is in a rebuilding period because we are still looking for some staff positions to re-open. It shouldn’t be long but be on the look out for a new thread soon. Thanks for being patient!

Joseph SWVA007


Ok thank you i will hope all goes well!

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@Auzzy20 i am CEO along w Bert. Shoot me a PM

Just FYI all that is wrong lmao


I think this topic is more suitable in #live:va

Tbh it can probably be closed lol

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ok got it :D