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Southwest Virtual has been a pioneering VA on the Infinite Flight Community since our conception back in March. We introduced a revolutionary Booking System that allows anyone to Book and Fly a route. But, we know that pilots are our most powerful fuel. That’s why we give them everything they need to fly with, while keeping a fun and professional atmosphere on our Slack. With hundreds of routes across North America, an active community, professional and helpful staff, and a unique way to fly booked flights, Southwest Virtual is the perfect fit for a seasoned VA veteran or a newcomer to the Virtual Airlines scene!

Where We Fly

Where We Fly

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Southwest Virtual flies to 103 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. With Crew Bases and Focus Cities scattered across the country, SWV pilots have over 1200 routes to choose from, ensuring they’ll never get tired of flying for us! In addition, they are provided with all charts including SID, STAR, IAD, and Airport Diagrams, as well as accurate ramp locations so every part of their flight is as realistic as possible. Our complete list of routes and Crew Bases can be found below.

Crew Bases

  • Chicago-Midway (MDW)
  • Baltimore (BWI)
  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Denver (DEN)
  • Dallas-Love (DAL)
  • Phoenix (PHX)
  • Houston-Hobby (HOU)
  • Orlando (MCO)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
  • Nashville (BNA)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • New Orleans (MSY)
  • Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

Global Routes Database

What We Fly

What We Fly

If there’s any down fall of this VA, it’s our rather limited fleet. While we only fly the Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, we make up for it in any other way possible, and you are flying one of the most popular and reliable commercial aircraft in the world. These mighty birds can take us anywhere we need to go, and we’ll be providing service to places the real-world Southwest doesn’t go to give you more variety. Check out some cool screenshots and aircraft specs right below!

Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-700 (B737)
Passengers: 143 Passengers
Max Fuel: 6,875 Gallons
Range: 3,010 NM
Length: 110’ 4’’
Wingspan: 117’ 5’’
Height: 41’ 3’’

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 (B738)
Passengers: 175 Passengers
Max Fuel: 6,875 Gallons
Range: 3,515 NM
Length: 129’ 6’’
Wingspan: 117’ 5’’
Height: 41’’ 2’

Ranking System

Our Ranking System

Pilots at Southwest Virtual have a unique incentive to fly. Instead of counting up their hours, we have a new points system. Pilots will be awarded points for each flight they fly based on distance flown. Our complete point and ranking system is listed below. Requirements points for ranks will most likely be changed in the coming weeks as more Global flights out completed.

Flight Rewards

Route Classes

  • Class 1: Less than 350NM
  • Class 2: 351NM-500NM
  • Class 3: 501NM-1250NM
  • Class 4: 1251NM-2000NM
  • Class 5: More than 2000NM
    (Class# corresponds to number of points awarded.)

New Rank System

  • Trainee 0 Points
  • Second Officer 10 Points
  • First Officer 22 Points
  • Senior First Officer 34 Points
  • Captain 50 Points
  • Senior Captain 80 Points
  • ATP Captain 110 Points
  • TopFlight Bronze 145 Points
  • TopFlight Silver 170 Points
  • TopFlight Gold 195 Points
  • TopFlight Platinum 220 Points


Applications at Southwest Virtual are open, and we’re ready to hire new pilots for our next chapter! Pilots are of course being hired, but we also have an ATC application open as well. Please head on over to the application section of our website to apply. Please note that pilots must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription at all times. If you do not have one now, or will not be able to keep on consistently, please consider another VA. Full job listings with descriptions and requirements are on the application pages. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Pilot Application
ATC Application



As mentioned above, we do allow passengers to book a route with Southwest Virtual. Simply head on over to our website, fill out the information on the website, and you will be contacted by the Department Director with your flight information. Then, 24 Hours before your flight, you will check-in, at which point you will receive your boarding pass and boarding position. We fly to all of our destinations, and will accommodate any special needs you might have when flying with us. Please also check out the handy booking links below

Booking Website
Flight Status
Travel Advisory

We also offer a Rapid Rewards program that allows you to accumulate points when flying with us. After signing up, you will receive your account information along with your Rapid Rewards card and will be ready to start earning points to take that Caribbean vacation you’ve always wanted. The more points you earn, the more features you’ll get. A-List members get priority check-in, secuirty screening, and stand-by, as well as an earning bonus. Please see the RR page on the Booking Website for more info on our program and our tiers.

RR Page



Our staff team is always here to help you if you have any questions. Our doors are always open, so please shoot us a PM with any concerns you might have!

@CaptJackson CEO, Events Coordinator
@CaptCurt COO
@L.A.Aviation Booking Department Director
@Juanca Recruitment Specialist

Visit Us At

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You’ll be seeing lots of new changes and updates to Southwest Virtual as we continue to roll-out more Global tweaks. But for now, you can join us by filling out and application, or booking a flight with us. We can’t wait to see what this new chapter of Infinite Flight brings our VA. Please let us know if you have any questions, and be sure to vote on the quick polls below. And remember, at Southwest Virtual, Heart Sets us Apart!


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Thanks for visiting! Global Booking Forms are going live within the hour, and our new Global website will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Wow, I am amazed of the presentation of the post. Makes me want to join :)


This thread surely attracts lot more members to join the VA

Great Job by the team. Keep going


That’s the idea! Maybe we will see you around @ClarenceTheAvgeek :)

Quick question, do I have to give out my email in order to join?

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If you have an IFC Account (Which you do), you can just fill out a fake one.


Great! I just filled out the form, very excited!


Wonderful! Can’t wait to have you on board.

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I have to admit Jackson, this is a very nice looking form and a very fine VA. My hat goes off to you and your staff. Well done.


Thank you @SkyHighGuys! All of these Low-Cost and Ultra Low-Cost VAs seem to be very professional :)


They are cutting a chunk out of the main airlines aren’t they ;)
If you ever need help or advice I’m here :D


They sure do! Roger, same here :)

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Would love to join! If you have slots available I’m the biggest southwest fan!

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Slots are always open for pilots, go ahead and apply here

Just applied. Very excited!

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Great, @Juanca will be in touch shortly. Good luck with your line check!

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What’s a line check?

A line check is a test of basic knowledge of a certain aircraft. Basically, you’ll have to preform a few patterns. You’ll get more info from Juan.

Ok, sounds good!!!

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