Southwest Virtual I Operations Suspended Until Global

Best of luck from StarTravel Virtual Airlines! This looks very professional, good work ;)

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Thank you @_keithjames99

Best of luck from all of us at British Airways Virtual.

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Thank you @Matt_Elphick

I got your guys e mail. Am I good to start?

Is there’s anything else I have to do?

Please see PM :)

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Just got it now:-)

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Ladies and gentleman of the forum, I regret to inform you that Southwest Virtual will be temporarily suspending all operations until the release of global flight. For the time being, we will be hard at work planning new features that will allow us to become your premier VA for Global Flight. When we are ready to reboot, we will make an announcement. Thank you to all pilots and staff for being apart of SWV, I hope to see you, and lots of new pilots when we relaunch. If you have any questions regarding our plan moving forward, please do not hesitate to ask.

CEO of Southwest Virtual


Any reason as to why you decided to do this?

We were rather inactive and a change of scenery was what this VA needed.


New one coming.