Southwest Virtual | Heart Sets Us Apart | Official Year 6 Thread

Always ready, Always improving, that’s our heart!

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Southwest Virtual celebrates 6 years here at Infinite Flight! For over 2,200 days, we have strived to bring the best pilot experience among all other VAs! Sure, we have had our ups and downs as everyone does, but our HEART for our pilots (and their LUV for us) keeps us going! Always ready, always improving!

We take pride in simple, easy to understand, and transparent operations at Southwest Virtual. It helps our pilots always know what’s going on and it’s one of the reasons they LUV us so much!

Our Flare Crew Center is a prime example of how simple and easy we operate 😎.

Discord is our main form of communication, from talking with your fellow pilots, to staying up to date on VA happenings, or even showing off; it’s all in one place!

The team here at Southwest Virtual is never short of the friendly LUV you’ll come to expect here. They are always excited to see the achievements of our pilots! You’ll see them bragging about how awesome our pilots are, working hard nearly every day, and making Southwest Virtual the best it can be! The list below outlines our staff and how they can help you best!

Role Staff Responsibility
President @AviatorGriffYT VA Administration
Vice President @Appalachian_Airlines VA Administration
Operations Director @Chaseelliottfan9WG Events, Codeshare, Daily Ops
Head of HR/PR @GenAv_IF VA Docs, Records, Complaints
Chief Pilot Vacant Pilot Supervisor, Pilot Programs, PiReps
HR Agents Vacant Assist Head of HR/PR
Recruiter Vacant Assist Application Management
Pilot Supervisors @Jayknowstheway Assist Chief Pilot

We know you aren’t happy with rank restrictions. Other VAs might not get that, but we do. That’s why, for a sixth year, there are no rank restrictions on our routes, codeshares, or fleet. Climb the ranks. Show it off. Fly what you want, where you want. Feel the LUV yet?

Career Ranks
Rank Hours Required
Trainee 0-10 Hours
Second Officer 10-25 Hours
First Officer 25-50 Hours
Senior First Officer 50-75 Hours
Captain 75-125 Hours
Senior Captain 125-200 Hours
ATP Captain 200-300 Hours

Operated by 5000 airlines, in 200 countries, and with 50 years of record-setting production… We LUV our Boeing 737-700s and 737-800s. The 737 is a highly capable airframe that has graced the skies since before most of us were born. People say their car makes a statement about who they are. We are lucky at Southwest Virtual to fly the Cadillac of the skies. Here’s to hoping the newest generation MAX series makes its way to the IF skies soon!

You can fly in style using any of our six Southwest liveries!

Boeing 737-700 “Canyon Blue”


Boeing 737-800 “Heart”


We have painstakingly updated our route database to include each and every route flown by Southwest. That means new pilots get immediate access to over 1,900 real-world routes with no rank restrictions!

Taking 30 minutes or less, some routes don’t even allow you to break out the peanuts and soda! Others clocking in at 6 hours will have you hoping the lavatory is empty! From the islands of Hawaii to the shores of New England… From the land of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota to the clear blue water of Aruba… North, East, SouthwestWe’ll take you there!

Additionally, we have dug up our historic AirTran routes for our pilots! That’s over 350 historic routes on the Boeing 717 and 737-700 all exclusively for our pilots!

We are regularly updating and maintaining our route database. There are new SWA routes with service starting in 2023 which will be added, and we offer over 500 Codeshare routes. We work hard expanding our route network for our pilots! Can you FEEL THE LUV yet?


We have many wonderful codeshare partners! We’ve listed them below!

Our Wonderful Codeshares


We have many Pilot Programs for our pilots to participate in! From our weekly Airports of the Week, to Career mode and Rapid Rewards, to Friday Night Flights and exclusive SouthwestVirtual only events, there’s always something for our pilots to do!

We knew you would.

Don’t worry, submitting your application is quick and easy. We want to fly with you as soon as possible.

Application Requirements →

  • An Infinite Flight Community account in good standing with at least Trust Level 1
  • An active Infinite Flight Pro subscription and minimum Grade 3 status
  • Ability to access Discord
  • A minimum of 13 years of age
  • Not listed on the IFVARB/IFC Blacklist
  • Pass a written examination and check-ride
  • A 12-month violation rate NOT TO EXCEED 0.20

At SWVA, we maintain very high standards for pilot skill, professionalism, and regulatory compliance. If we discover a history of discipline, including suspensions, on the IFC or by IFVARB, the application may be denied. If an applicant is found to be on the IFVARB Blacklist or cannot fulfill all requirements outlined above, the application will be denied.

Read guides below, then click here to apply!

Application Guidelines →

  • Please ensure that you can receive Private Messages on the IFC. If we cannot message you, we cannot complete your application.
  • Please be patient! We make sure each and every applicant gets the attention and care they deserve, and we maintain high standards for our crew. You should receive a private message on IFC within 5 days of submitting your application.
  • If you don’t receive a response within 5 days, send @VixenKasai a message! It is possible your IFC profile was not correctly linked in your application, or on rare occasions, an application gets processed incorrectly. Please do not message this VA account, as it is not routinely monitored.
  • Please do not submit a duplicate application. This just makes it harder for us to process your application and delays everybody else’s applications!
  • Please use private messages for all communications about your application. We keep your application information confidential, except when required for regulatory purposes to release information to IFC Staff or IFVARB. If you have a question about your application specifically, please ask your recruiter in IFC private messages.
  • If you have a question about SWVA or the application process in general, feel free to post here!

We can’t wait to share the LUV with you. Remember, Heart Sets Us Apart!

Southwest Virtual is not affiliated with Southwest Airlines Co. The use of any images, graphics, and media which may be its intellectual property is coincidental and not intended for commercial use. Any such trademark or copyright shall remain with the original owner.
All other images, graphics, and media are the intellectual property of Southwest Virtual Airlines and certain affiliates.
The use or reuse of this property without explicit written consent is not permitted. All Rights Reserved.


Well if I knew we had a codeshare with Virgin I would have flown a lot of those

LUV the thread! We are proud to be codeshare partners with you guys!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Happy birthday Southwest VA!


One of our favorite codeshares for sure. Great thread!


We’re glad to now codeshare with you guys and looking forward to seeing what our VA’s can do together.

CEO | Virgin Virtual Group


Lovely thread Southwest Virtual! We are happy to be one of your partners!👋


Sending the thread the some LUV! Nice thread and wishing your VA some success LUV!


SWVA Weekly Update!

Since we’ve posted this new thread, our pilots have:

  • Filed 127 PiReps
  • Claimed almost 400 hours of flight time, and
  • Participated in 5 in-house events with more to come!

We’ve already attracted the attention of 10 new applicants, and have launched our own version of Career Mode!

Come see the HEART that sets us apart!

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Awesome thread I am so proud to be a part of this VA!

Hi I submitted a application a while ago and still haven’t heard anything

Hello. We had an issue reaching you. Please ensure that you can receive messages on the IFC so that we (and other VAs) can contact you. :)

How do I do that

I am unsure. I would ask in the #meta category if anyone knows how to resolve that issue

Thank you I appreciate it

SWVA Weekly Update!

We missed last week! We’ve been so busy working on ourselves!

In the last two weeks, we have:

  • Filed over 200 PiReps
  • Claimed almost 1000 hours of flight time, and
  • Introduced plans to be more active in IFC events!

Join our roster and discover the HEART that sets us apart!

How do I apply?

Hello Matt! It appears we’ve already received your application 😁

Happy New Year! From our HEART to yours!


Happy New Year and sending LUV to our wonderful partner!