Southwest Virtual Events Director Wanted


SWVA is in need of another Events Director IFC!


  • Grade 3 Pilot

  • Not on the IFVARB Blacklist

  • Minimum age of 18

  • Access to Slack for communications

  • Motivation!

Interested in the position? Please contact Chief Operations Officer Jack Wheeler (@WheelerAviation) for further details!

Thank you IFC!

Heart sets us apart!



I was told by a moderator I could do this.

Thanks though!


I would like to do this job but I am only 15 😕


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If you meet the other criteria we can set up an interview date and time and talk it over if you would like!

I do meet everything but the age
I can not join at the moment first day of high school on Tuesday and I gotta get a hang of it before I have more demands
Aready doing a podcast and hosting a slew of controlling events If you could contact me at the end of next week I will get in contact with you and we can do a meeting of sorts

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Get settled in with school (that’s important) and I will
be in contact!

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I don’t think it’s allowed to create any #live:va posts under than the thread. It doesn’t matter if a mod allowed, it’s just not allowed on the VA Account rules & it would be unfair for other VAs. I believe SWVA already have one official VA thread.


I’ll quote it for you if you haven’t scrolled up yet.

Sounds great

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Talk then! Best of luck with the start of high school! Get it done!

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I would love to apply to for this position! I am a pilot for SWVA! Sadly, I don’t meet the age requirement :(

DM me on our slack Mukundan! Lets talk it over

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