Southwest Virtual | Celebrating 5 Years of Heart | Official Thread

Everything is being handled right now.

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This is a great VA. Proud to be part of it.

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Does it usually take 15 days for an application do be accepted?

Recently others have expressed that the recruiting for this VA has not been super responsive. This can happen from time to time with different VAs.

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Please try to be patient staff could be really busy and hopefully the applications will be excepted soon I am still currently waiting on my application to so let’s just wait and see :)

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New update about Southwest Virtual applications and contact requests below. All requests will be addressed after the coming relaunch. Thank you!

Hi everybody!

We are pausing our recruiting but still accepting waitlist applications. Please continue to apply, but all apps will be held until we do a relaunch due to a loss of active staff. We have to serve our pilots with our limited resources before we resume recruiting. We are rebuilding the staff team and will relaunch after!

I was traveling. Apologies for our being out of touch. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will rebuild and be back to serve you soon!

Heart Sets Us Apart!

With LUV,

Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines


Quick update, y’all!

  1. Thank you for your passion for and interest in joining Southwest Virtual. We are deeply humbled, and we take our responsibility to serve you seriously.

  2. We’re also so grateful to the heroes who stepped into the light and joined our Staff. We are still looking for more volunteers, but now we have the resources to rebuild!

  3. Yes, you may continue to apply. However, the application process will still move slower while we train our staff and plan our re-launch… Don’t forget, we have to keep serving our current Crew too!

  4. Did somebody say re-launch?! Yes! We know it’s a busy time in the aviation community, especially with AirVenture at Oshkosh fast approaching, and we want to be a part of that energy. So hold tight - we have plans for our re-launch party… and you’ll be invited!

With LUV,

Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines


Just asking I know you guys have delays but how long should the application process take

Do yk how long it took you to get accepted cuz im still waiting

Same I’ve almost been waiting for a week now

We’re still working on it, but we are making progress! Pleas be patient. We had a backlog of hundreds of applications when we started.

With LUV,

Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines

lucky i have been here for 3 months

We added two new staff, and we’re making good progress on the backlog. Thanks, everyone!

Hello everyone!

CEO @VegasKing will be out for surgery this week. Any pressing matters should be forwarded to either @VixenKasai or @TheSchoolCop.

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience as we near our relaunch.

Vixen K. | Operations Supervisor

HEART sets us apart!

Operations Update

At this time, I believe to have messaged everyone that has applied to SWVA. If you have applied, but not yet been contacted, please send me a message.

@VixenKasai | Operations Supervisor, Southwest Virtual

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Just passed the test!

See above. Thanks!


Hey I left the VA because of my schedule. But it’s freed back up. Can I rejoin?

I got applied in your virtual and congratulations for this stunning virtual thread!

Southwest is the best 💙💛❤️

Getting level 3 requirements again after being afk for a couple months can’t wait to apply to Southwest Virtual SWA is the best!