Southwest Virtual Atlanta Landing Competition @ KATL - 132100ZOCT18

Event ID: SWV_P2_18

Event Name: Atlanta Landing Competition

Event Organizer: Southwest Virtual

Event Type: Landing Competition

Internal/Public: Public

Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018

Time: 2100 Zulu (5PM EDT, 2PM PDT)


Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 (Livery Assigned)

Server: Training Server [Global] V2

NOTAM: Southwest Virtual will be hosting a landing competition at Atlanta Heartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport (KATL) on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 2100-2200Z. Participants will takeoff, fly a pattern, and land. You will be given one practice touch-and-go before the final graded landing. Pilots will be graded on their second landing, criteria for grading is; Smoothness (10 pts.), Centerline (10 pts.), and Touchdown Zone (10 pts.). You will be graded by 3 judges. Your three scores will be averaged for a final (ranking) score. Some landing competitions can turn into a huge mess; everyone sprints to the runways, no pattern separation, and just total chaos (yuck!). To make sure this does not happen, we will be providing specific pushback, taxi, and pattern instructions. Callsigns and liveries will be assigned to further distinguish pilots for our judges, and ATC will be provided to ensure a coordinated and smooth event. This will be a team effort. We ask any pilot who joins us to be aware of posted NOTAMs and to follow ATC instructions. We look forward to everyone joining us, please comment below for a gate!

Event Procedures

Please see the Google Drive Folder for all Event Instructions and Information. I have attached Taxi and Pushback Instructions.

All Event Procedures

KATL Airport Diagram

RAMP 3 Pushback

RAMP 3: If 27’s In Use

Via M not L

RAMP 3: If 09’s In Use

Via M not L

RAMP 4 Pushabck

RAMP 4: If 26’s In Use

RAMP 4: If 08’s In Use



There is no flightplan per-say, but I have uploaded a map of the surrounding areas. You are responsible for maintaining proper separation between aircraft at all times. We may have an extended final so that everyone can get off the ground. Please be aware of your surroundings and ATC instructions at all times.

Official Gate Assignments will be announced later on, however, you can still (and should) sign up now. I will place your name below, and will contact you with your gate assignment on October 12.


Gate Assignment Pilot
GATE C01 @Jakob_Fonseca
GATE C02 @MJL_Productions
GATE C03 @Don_King
GATE C04 @Darren_Waunn
GATE C05 @anon87102400
GATE C06 @Simon_Thompson
GATE C07 @Rishon_R
GATE C09 @EthanT2
GATE C10 @keishawn_24k
GATE C12 @Plane-Train-TV

(More gates will become available if needed. Please see the spreadsheet below for full gate and aircraft assignments.)

Event Staff:

Member Role
@CaptJackson Event Official
@Juanca ATC Services
@L.A.Aviation Judge
@Meteorology7 Judge
@TheDeltaFlyerr Judge

Gate Assignments and Judging


Southwest Virtual Air Traffic Controllers will be providing service for this event. Please do not request an ATC spot, or open the ATC frequencies listed below during the event. Please follow all instructions given by ATC (They are here to help all of us!).

KATL_TWR (119.1): @Juanca
KATL_GND (121.65): @Juanca

Southwest Virtual is a new take on the original VA structure. We have two main divisions, one for pilots and passengers. We allow members of the community to book and “fly” with us while still providing an unparalleled experience to our pilots. With over 1,200 routes, and advanced and modern fleet, new crew center, active Slack channel, daily group flights, weekly events, and much more, SWV is the perfect place for a seasoned VA-veteran or first time VA pilot. Whether it be in the cockpit or the cabin, come join us and see what Southwest Virtual is all about!

Main Thread
Main Website
Booking Website

Thanks for checking out this event. We hope to see you signed up and in the air with us on October 13. Please let us know if you have any questions, and so long from SWV!


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Training Server.

Knew I was forgetting something! It is indeed the Training Server.

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Roger that, you get the first gate! Welcome aboard.

Would love to participate!. Btw, according to the airport diagram, Taxiway Mike is the one closer to the runway. In your taxi instructions that blue line is on Taxiway Lima😉. @CaptJackson

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Roger that, C02 for you. See you there!

I would like to join.

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Roger that, C03 is yours.

I’ll take C04 if possible, or any other gate available, thanks!

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i will take a gate and i am part of southwest virtual my callsign will be SWA575

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Roger, Gates C04 and C05 for you guys @Darren_Waunn @anon87102400

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May I please have a gate?

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Yes sir, C06 is yours

Hi. I would like a Gate please.

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Roger that, take Gate C07 @Rishon_R

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Great Thread! Sign me up for a gate, (guess i’ll have to learn how to land a 737 but eh, i’ll learn)

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Roger that, take Gate C09!

Ill take C10…please!

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