Southwest Virtual Airlines application delays

I am wonering what is happining to my application to southwest virtual as I have not been able to contact one of the lead recuritiers after I got global agian and did the line check. I understand they may be busy but I have not gotten a response yet.

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This would be something you’d have to take up with the airline themselves. Have you attempted to contact a staff member about the situation?

Yes I had that in my origanal post

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The same thing happened to me

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If you haven’t received a response for a few days, your best bet is to contact a different recruiter / staff member. That particular person you contacted may be temporarily inactive.

We have a waitlist of tens of pilots…please be patient.

As one would say, small team, known issue.


I did after

Ok I understand

Best thing to do here is to just remain patient until they reach out. As he said, they have a waitlist of 10 pilots. I have my own VA and it can be pretty frustrating when we have someone trying to get us to rush their application (not saying that’s what you’re doing). They also mentioned a small team so that’ll also cause a delay.

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