Southwest update

Hi everybody,
Who agrees with me that when the next update “20.4” comes out! That Southwest and all of the 737s and similar airlines should have doors that open and close?
I am just curious for anyone’s answer to see what you all say!!

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I seriously doubt there will be a 20.4 update but after the 757-200 I would like to see some G/A or military aircraft updated.

We saw the 737 get a cockpit rework in 20.1 so we likely won’t see another 737 update any time soon.

I hate to break it to you but it’s gonna be a long time before the 737 gets reworked again


I don’t think a new 737 rework will come by now as they already did one this year.

Also the IF developers have another priorities by now. Hope one day

I was just curious btw not being rude

The 737 is still very fun to fly! Physics are good, live cockpit. Won’t get reworked any time soon, and there isn’t going to be a 20.4. Next update will be 21.0 (or 21.1 I forgot).


20.2, the year is sadly still 2020


Yup it is 🙄


You can request opening doors on the 737, as well as other things, in the #features category.