Southwest Trying to Stay Afloat Warning Furloughs to Workers (TDZ News) (UPDATE!)

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Today is a sad day as once more another airline is talking about furloughing more pilots, ground crew, and flight attendants. Surprisingly this is one that prides them self not to furlough employees one of the few.

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Might want to proofread a tad more, found some grammatical errors that I’d recommend fixing.

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I was was one of those who where Furloughed


I’m sorry to hear that

I hope to see you back in the skies soon!

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That is terrible! Hope things get better.

Thanks for you input we will surely take another look at it!
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I was a gate agent with them at KBWI


So said hope you can get back with them after the Pandemic!

Thx I hope so too thanks @USA_ATC

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Southwest hasn’t officially furloughed anybody yet?

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Since he is a gate agent the Airport could have furloughed him not the airline ;)

If you’re a Southwest employee, you can’t be furloughed by the airport.


From a friend:
“if he’s employed by the airline but contracted by the airport, and the airport furloughs the workers at the airport, then it makes sense. Because the airline itself isn’t furloughing the employees.”

This is shocking, I thought Southwest was doing pretty well during the pandemic compared to the other US airlines, hence why they were expanding their route network…

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I did aswell but the sad truth is their isnt many people flying currently. Which is most of the problem.

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thank god theres a vaccine coming

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Southwest only contracts employees at international destinations or airports under 12 flights a day. BWI is most definitely not under 12 flights per day, or intenational.

Source: My dad, who is a Southwest employee.


Im not the one you should be discussing this with. Take it to a dm with @SWA1997 I have no idea how SWA operates nor do I know if the airline hires workers at his ariport. :)

Well, I’d say vaccine is still far.

The vaccine needs to be tested for side effects & the distribution of vaccines is another problem in itself. That will take quite a lot of time (forecast of 6 months so far) & many people are going to be skeptical (because they do have the right to be skeptical of a very quickly (possibly rushed) made vaccine).

The rebound of airlines will still take time & demand is yet to go lower with the pandemic restrictions being put in place.


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