Southwest to Nepal

I have to say this was a really enjoyable flight. I decided to drop my focus on touring volcanoes to shift over to some big mountains. First one I could think of was Everest.
I typically don’t do long flights which is probably a major reason why I’m still on the casual server.

This flight was a mix of various gorgeous sceneries. If anyone is looking for a great 2 hour flight, yes it’s unrealistic the aircraft is too good looking not to fly


Departure:VIDN (Runway 06)
Arrival: VNVT (Runway 27)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 (SouthWest Iowa)
Duration: 2:00
Server: Casual

Copy & Paste Flight plan:

VIDN 31/81 31/82 30/84 29/86 NONIM 27/88 CG483 CG482 RANGA D092C VNVT


Whar is app of the sixth photo?

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Absolute logic

Jokes aside, that’s some wonderful scenery.


Uhh. Southwest in Asia?? Just kidding, nice shots!

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Instructions Unclear, Illinois is now in Nepal, transporting Illinois One to “Illinois”

Beautiful shots btw


@G_Captain it looks like Foreflight.

@GhostRyder great shots mate, keep it up.

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Yes sir you are correct it’s ForeFlight for iOs

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I don’t think that’s how it works…

Lol, all jokes aside, nice pictures! I think the pilots overshot just a little bit 😂

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You got that right, I am more of a general aviation kind of cat. I hit the tarmac and everybody lived, not too worried about how ugly it was. Thanks for the kind words though, happy flights.

Please delete this post 😊

Jk, lol

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Yeah… no🤣✈️

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Never have I imagined a Southwest Airlines plane flying in Nepal, guide an interesting flight, to say the least!


Yessir I try

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Underrated reply 😂

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Nice Job! ;)

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Just why? Why Southwest? Not to be mean but I find this is just too much. Aren’t we supposed to be realistic as much as possible in IF?

No I believe that they built it as an open world, fly anything, anywhere, anytime so we could do just that.
If you decide to limit your possibilities for what you can fly when & where that’s on you brother.

May I refer you to the last picture in my post…