Southwest to add flights to Steamboat Springs

Southwest just announced today that they have the intent to fly into Steamboat Springs (HDN) coming this winter. The initial flights will be out of DEN. The will release a route map in the coming weeks/months.

What are your thoughts about this?


I can tell you, that this is not something i was expecting. But then again southwest is very adaptive and im sure they will be able to flourish with this new route


I just saw this on the news and I am FREAKING OUT right now!!! This is just fantastic! I really hope that Southwest builds on this and maybe even add flights to KEGE.


Ion know why they won’t just fly to somewhere… more tourist-y. i feel like people would want to go to the more mainstream places like Vail or EGE

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Vail is the same as EGE. Steamboat is actually a pretty popular spot. The just set a world record for the largest firework ever

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I think this will be very beneficial to Steamboat. I’m sure after adding this route they’ll definitely consider EGE or ASE. I’m suprised they don’t have COS yet.


Wow! I’ll try to book a trip on them to Hayden! Finally some extension into the Mountains!

United is also going to have some major competition on this route as they only fly regional jets on this route…


I knew they were really trying to expand at DEN, but I wasn’t expecting this. Cool though

Finally more mountain flights

This is pretty surprising! I would not expect for them to add flights to HDN

This is pretty surprising! I hope that this means they will add other mountain routes in the near future, such as KBZN and KMSO.

When I heard about this, I was ecstatic. Turns a 4 hour drive for me into a now 30 min flight at most. I visit Steamboat a few times per year and this is perfect.

Also played around the airport a bit to see where they would ultimately park given that Skywest flies there already with the CRJ200. Happened to see that the latest imagery on Maps shows Southwest already has the baggage carts, loading bridge and other equipment on the field. Pretty obvious given that they’re the only ones who use blue carts and equipment.


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