Southwest Tightens Up On Emotional Support Animals

Southwest has now cut off emotional support animals to dogs and cats only. In my opinion this was a good thing to follow other airlines in tightening emotional support restrictions because so many people have abused the privileges. What are your thoughts on this?


I didn’t know you got emotional support animals other than dogs and cats

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But… I wanted to bring my emotional support miniature horse…

I can’t say as though I’m not surprised though.


Not really just dogs and cats on other airlines, for example the whole reason these rules started to tighten across the board was because of an emotional support peacock kicked off of a United flight


My friend was moving to the Philippines, but there was no cheap way to take their dog with them. So they titled their dog an “emotional-support dog” and bam, now the dog can live with them in the Philippines too. :D
(Btw, I’m not sure specifically which airline they took.)

Why would you ever bring a pig as an emotional animal onboard lol.

I don’t typically like to judge people who I don’t know their situation or mental state. But there does seem to be a problem with the whole “emotional support animal” thing, when people have things as crazy as squirrels…

I want my peacock!! Remember that? Yeah Great restriction.

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I want my dinosaur and I am entitled to it!


Why can’t I bring my Anaconda on board? It helps soothes me during my flights…

In all for the future of the existence of the human race, this could put us back on track before people bring robots on board as a support animal.🤦‍♂️

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