Southwest terminal 5

Tonight at 8:30, we will be around Terminal 5 taking of runway25R at KLAX to KSAN landing at runway 27!!! Will be on playground mode. Come join and please come in Southwest livery.

Fix your title please

8:30AM?? PM??? Time zone?? Zulu??


Southwest fly out of Terminal 1 at LAX… Why wouldn’t you start the flight from there if it’s a specific Southwest flight.? Also, just saying 8:30 means nothing… Time zone?

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It says TONIGHT(PM) at 8:30. No need to type PM. But anyway is wrong because is not in 24h format 👍🏼

Well when is “tonight”, was that yesterday or today, and what time zone???

@EnYeL you might want to have a bit of a look online to see how time zones work… It’s always 8:30PM ‘tonight’ somewhere in the world (well, every 60 minutes atleast…)

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