Southwest (SWA4965) Bob Hope-San José

Just finished this flight. It’s Southwest Airlines SWA4965 between Bob Hope/Los Ángeles and San José.
I need to work on my centreline.

A bug I encountered right now. My aircraft glided up for some reason when I was starting the replay.

At the gate at KBUR.

Rotating at 131kts:

Cruising at FL340:

Descending into KSJC:

Configured for landing. My approach speed was of 124kts:

Landing at KSJC:

At thr gate in KSJC:


Great photos, keep it up!

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Love the pics good job

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Great photos!

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Nice photos! California flyin is always nice

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@Captain_Awerty @zion89 @Cameron_M @KSS thank you all for the kind words!


Great picture

happy birthday @Captain_Awerty


That is extremly slow

Not according to my B737 landing speed manual:

He might’ve had a tailwind and full flaps, or something that let him fly at slow speed.

0kts of wind and flaps 30°.

I’m not familiar with “0 knts of wing” can you please explain?

0kts of wind, it was a typo.