Southwest Special Request

I love these special liveries! Illinois One is my favorite! The detail is stunning! More special liveries should be added for each state by Southwest. Ok now enjoy this photo!

This is NOT a livery request for Infinite Flight. Its click bait


Not going to lie I nearly went into autopilot by saying that special livery requests are no longer allowed…

Then I saw the line at the bottom 😅


I agree the Southwest special liveries are really cool!

Great photo as well!


No need to mini mod when it’s just a joke and a great pic!


What’s wrong with requesting special liveries? Fill me in.

This Southwest special livery is my favorite! 😍
I think this is the most beautiful 737 livery in the world


Respect. That livery is fr the best

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Yeah - this one is definitely my favourite.

If we get a MAX in IF, I would love to see this livery added!

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I think that was half my goal, but also to demonstrate some unknown liveries in IF.

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We most likely will never get the max. 😔

Oh really? Have you checked to see how many votes it has on the community? It will get added some day but probably not anytime soon because of the A380 rework

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I suspect that the MAX or NEO, maybe both, will be added after the A380 rework.