Southwest Special Liveries - and which one is your favorite?

Note: I do not take credit for any of the photos below! All credit goes to their respective owners.

Lousiana One

The newest to the fleet of Southwest special liveries, this beautiful livery (my favorite) honors the state of Louisiana, flying the Louisiana Flag and the state motto “UNION JUSTICE CONFIDENCE”. It was the first state that Southwest served besides Texas, and has been serving KMSY (New Orleans Airport) for almost 40 years now.


Tennessee One

Flying the flag of the State of Tennessee, where Southwest has had a decent sized operation at BNA (Nashville International Airport) for a while now.


Arizona One

Having a similar decal to the flag of Arizona, this beauty flies it proudly at 38,000 feet multiple times daily.


Florida One

This one honors the great state of Florida, where Southwest has 3 focus cities (FLL, MCO, TPA), and also serving other airports in the state, Southwest has a pretty decent presence there.


Lone Star One

As Southwest’s first state Special Livery, It’s pretty obvious why they have this livery, considering Texas is the state that Southwest Airlines was founded and started operations in!


Colorado One

Introduced to the fleet in August 2012, proudly flying the flag of the State of Colorado, this plane (N230WN) also happens to be the 5000th 737 ever built. Southwest’s operation in Denver is continuously growing, now at around 180 daily flights.


Illinois One

This plane made its debut at Chicago’s Midway Airport in 2008, celebrating Southwest’s service at the airport since March 17, 1985. Southwest has grown to dominate the airport, they operate around 260 daily flights and employ nearly 4,300 people at Midway. Pretty dominant, considering the only other airlines there are Delta with service to ATL, DTW, MSP, and Porter, and Volaris.


Nevada One

Introduced in 1999, proudly sporting the Nevada Flag with the state motto and the state plant, this is Southwest’s first special livery on a 737-700. One of Southwest’s large focus cities is KLAS, operating flights across the country.


Maryland One

Maryland One was introduced to the fleet in June 2005, as a tribute to the State of Maryland. BWI Airport is one of Southwest’s biggest operations, and has been since the 1990’s.


New Mexico One

Welcomed to the fleet in 2000, this one honors the State of New Mexico, which has the City of Albuquerque, one of Southwest’s first destinations outside of Texas.


Missouri One

Formerly Southwest’s SeaWorld special livery, this plane honors the State of Missouri. Southwest has pretty decent operations at St. Louis Airport and Kansas City Airport in the state.


California One

This bird was originally introduced in 1995 on a 737-300 as a tribute to Southwest’s 8 California destinations at the time. That number has since grown to 9, and last year when they finished retiring the 737-300’s, the livery got painted on a 737-700.


Classic One

Southwest flies three of their planes in their Classic livery. They sport a slightly modified version of Southwest’s original livery, used from 1971 to 2001. Each plane also has a unique dedication. N711SW bears the name of company founder Herb Kelleher on the nose. N714CB is a tribute to their former President Colleen Barrett. The final Classic plane, N792SW is the last plane Southwest received in the original Desert Gold livery, before adopting the Canyon Blue livery with N793WN.


Triple Crown One

Just recently repainted onto a 737-700 from a 737-300, this plane is dedicated to Southwest Employees and their achievement of the Triple Crown Award for five straight years. The Triple Crown Award criteria consists of best on-time performance, best baggage handling, and fewest customer complaints on a yearly basis. While not an official Department of Transportation award, Southwest definitely did earn the statistics for it.


Now, this brings me to the question, which special livery is your favorite, and why?

  • Louisiana One
  • Arizona One
  • Florida One
  • Lone Star One
  • Triple Crown One
  • Colorado One
  • New Mexico One
  • Illinois One
  • Missouri One
  • California One
  • Classic One
  • Maryland One
  • Nevada One

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US Airways Arizona Cardinals livery in the background. 😉


I think I like the Shamu livery more than all of them 😉


Shamu Livery or CoCo?


I didn’t add Coco in, only because I believe it’s a temporary livery


Hmm that’s a hard choice. Probably Shamu as it’s not always that you will see a flying whale 😂

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The good old mustard plane IMO is the best livery in their entire fleet. It look so sleek and retro.

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RIP: If I recall, I think you missed a state livery. Starts with a “T” and ends with an “E”. 🤭


UGH! Tennessee one! I had the picture but I forgot to put it in. Thanks for the reminder.

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I actually forgot about that. I would’ve voted the Tennessee One as my favorite. 🤦‍♂️

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And what about Sports Illustrated one?🤭🤔🤓

(even though it only lasted like 1 year)


BINGO! 👏🏼 Anytime. I’m going to be biased and I voted for Colorado One. Always was amazed by WN’s liveries.

Fun Fact: I learned this from a former flight instructor/friend. Southwest’s Airline code “WN” was a reference to Willie Nelson.


Out of that list, I think triple crown is my favorite, although I’ll take the normal new heart livery over any of the special ones any day.


Missouri One is no doubt my favorite. It’s my home state and the best looking special paint scheme in my opinion.

Southwest is also the MCI dominant airline. Missouri One was introduced in Kansas City also.


I would like the classic livery but in my opinion it would look 100% better on the 737max


Missouri One is my favorite. The red white and blue look pretty good on it.
Totally unbiased 🙄😉

I’ve seen the Tennessee One, California One, Missouri One all in person. I have also flown on a Shamu and Desert Gold.


I don’t know what it is, but I love the Classic One.


Easily Lone Star One for me!

I love em all ! I voted Illinois although the lone star looks awesome too

I was going to choose Lone Star One an amazing livery, but then i saw they had one in the original Desert Gold which has always been so graceful and pristine i had to choose it.