Southwest shots

Hey there people👋
Infinite_Qantas here. I hope you guys had a wonderful week. Since I did KHOU-KPHX yesterday and took some pics, I though: ‘let’s end this week with some Southwest screenshots.’
route: KHOU-KPHX
flight time: about 2 hours
aircraft: Southwest 737-700 Heart livery
server: expert

Here’s me taking off from KHOU and off to Arizona

Some nice view of New Mexico

Sunset shot


And eventually me trying different angles for a good landing picture

I hope you liked them and feel free to give some feedback (always appreciated) ;)

Hope to see you guys in the skies soon🛫
And maybe you’ll be in one of my pics too one day. (Like @AarkonTV is now in his little Delta plane)


Love the last one!

A very wide fluctuation of shades though… 👀

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Thanks, yeah there are a lot of shades…
But glad you liked them :)

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Your pictures are beautiful, Well Done!

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Great shots !! I love the one I’m in 😉😉

nah jk the 4th is the best :)


now thats how you land 737 with fresh butter
haha oh man southwest is the one in everyones HEART

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Lol, hope you had a nice flight.
@anon42527263, @Zach_inkling thank you for your kind words :)❤️

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Beautiful pictures! The last one is amazing!

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Thanks, I think the last one is very cool too with the moon in the background

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@Infinite_Qantas I’m glad that you got some shots of my secondary Home airport KHOU

I say HOU is my secondary as it’s farther away from me than IAH as IAH is only a 50 minute drive where as HOU is even farther but my family flys southwest so technically HOU is my primary Home airport…

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Okay, glad to hear that you like my shots.

And wow…, wish I lived near a commercial airport…

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Love these moonshots, need to learn to take my own

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If you want to learn to make moonshots?

Here’s a tutorial, it’ll definitely help you :)

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Thanks a ton, some of you cats are Uber helpful. Have a great one

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